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A Whore Score and 7 Slaves Ago...

The first adventure, whether we’ll count them as a party or not is still under debate. Splishity and Dera are kept captive along with 6 other slaves. Dera, being a treacherous Gnoll that was hard to catch, is even kept in a special holding cell in the breaches of the ship. Tumble toad had been recruited for hire to get the “cargo” to Melvaunt. Unfortunately, he took it upon himself to try and take the rundown pirate ship for his own. After first attempting to rally Dera, Tumble decided to try and get some help from the crew. The first person he encountered was the right hand man of the captain; a large black man with little care for any jokes. With little luck there, Tumble decided to approach the captain head on. Captain Herbak, a human abotu 5’10" and medium build with strawlike black hair cut to his shoulders, did not appreciate the little gnome telling him about a potential mutiny on board. Without even a hint of believing such a bold faced lie, the captain stabbed the gnome in the sholder to pin him down and had him cuffed and locked up with the rest of the slaves. During the scuffle Tumble Toad had been knocked unconcious.

Tumble Toad was awoken by a tiny mephling (Splishity), who was trying to steal his shoes/socks. Splishity quickly retracted himself from his adventure and hid quietly in his corner. The gnome attempted to reposition his cuffs by passing them under his legs, but only managed to fall and knock himself unconcious again.

During all of this Avandriel and Veldrak managed to meet in a bar. Avandriel overheard something suspicious about caves and slaves, and pulled Veldrak into the mix. After exploring for a while, they managed to be lead to the Devil’s Fire Tavern, where they only overheard more about the same thing. They begain to look around town for a cave that might contain any clues or even exactly what they were searching for, but only so far have come up empty handed. They called it a day and departed.

The next day they both visited the trade district to look for suspicious slave trading. Veldrak was approached with an offer for some special trading, and told to meet at the Devil’s Fire Tavern to talk about details. Veldrak managed to talk Avandriel into going for him.


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