• Avandrial


    Slutty Half Elf
  • Splashity Splash

    Splashity Splash

    A tiny mephling who is in captivity on a pirate boat. Most likely will not sell for much in the slave trade, but kept around nontheless. Very quiet and kept to himself, Splashity was given his name due to his water/acid breath he can produce.
  • Tumble Toad

    Tumble Toad

    Tumble Toad for short, this gnome is quite a shifty bugger. Currently being employed by a pirate to help with slave trading, this bard is inspirational as long as you watch your pockets closely.
  • Veldrak Mythammer

    Veldrak Mythammer

    Veldrak is a member of the church of Kord in Melvaunt. Quick to take a copper for his own needs, Veldrak does quite well for himself. Recently being approached by a female half elf has lead him on a slight adventure, most likely looking for some way to ga